If one is passionate about certain things, you cannot but get carried away and enjoy. Gastronomy, my passion, only comparable to my love for literature. Additionally this passion is my job: it is like giving the key of the wine cellar to a wino, uncorking all of the varieties and qualities gastronomy has to offer. I have seen it in all its aspects and still am as passionate as the first day.

about me

I like personal and close relationships, speak five languages and have a strong service vocation. I studied at the Hotel Management School in Maastricht. Imbued in an international atmosphere, the Château Bethlehem turned out to be an apprenticeship site in all aspects of life.

Over the years and through my professional experience, excellence in execution has become my obsession. Excellence in service and the final product is the goal to achieve in each project.


my project

My second surname, Henny, means rooster. Around this universal icon, source of tradition, my strategy is to try to mix knowledge with modernity. A rooster with gears of contemporary engineering.

After more than thirty years of experience and the management of the R&D department of one of the main multi brand restaurant operators in Europe with over 400 sales points, I want to continue to provide my services to companies with the expertise that  time has helped me to acquire.

The sum of experience and creativity, well marinated with passion, is the recipe to tackle projects in the hospitality industry and in the food industry from strategy to implementation.

“If one is passionate about certain things, you cannot but get carried away and enjoy”